Strapless, backless bras that won't get in the way of your favorite clothes

Bottom line: This is the most versatile option for women of all chest sizes.

When dealing with backless tops, NuBra is the best place to start for an undergarment solution. While it's a little pricier than some other options, it is the most recognizable "sticky bra," and it's our top pick for several reasons. The adhesive is strong, it'll last through dozens of wears, it can be washed, and it generally works for most women, as its options accommodate both smaller and larger chest sizes.

The backless-gown wearer's friend

It's my new favorite thing

It literally snaps onto your boobs!

Kate Hudson (as written in Harper's Bazaar)

Fashion tip of the stars

The best secret

NuBra is the best-kept secret of the stars. I love the freedom I feel when I wear them!

Carrie Ann Inaba (Judge, Dancing with the Stars)

I'm so glad I found NuBra!

The Feather-Lite lifts me better than any other bra I've found.

I am so glad I found this. I am 48 year old mom who enjoys wearing the lastest clothing styles, however my body is not what it used to be. I purchased the Feather-Lite in a D.  It lifts me better than any bra I have found.  I have tried the "best and most expensive" bras to lift and hold me, however no bra really does what I'm looking for. Finding a strapless bra that holds me up is impossible. Your product seems to do what I’m looking for.


The most amazing product ever

The freedom from regular bra straps is incredible!

I bought the NuBra adhesive bra from a local big-box retailer earlier this year and I LOVE IT!  I've suffered back pain from automotive injuries for many years, and the freedom I notice from not being bound by regular bra straps is incredible!! This is the most amazing product ever.

Wendy K.

I wear it dancing every weekend

It's so smooth, there aren't any bulges even when I dance!

I LOVE the bra and wear it dancing every weekend.  I come home and the bra is quite damp (from dancing) so I know I’m losing calories and the best part is, there are NO bulges when my partner holds my back!


I haven't worn anything else for 2 1/2 years!

It's a PERFECT solution for those who have little and don't want implants.

I am endowed with very little and the NuBra has "fleshed" me out in my clothes and it's a pretty style. It's a PERFECT solution for those who have little and don't want implants. Because it looks so natural and pretty it has been a morale booster for me. Plus, I NEVER have to worry about bra straps. (It's the little things in life that counts.)  I have not worn anything else and that's for 2 1/2 years now. I stayed a month in the high heat of Greece, and the NuBra still held. Here's to your design and NuBras!!!

Jean B.

I am IN LOVE with NuBra

Your bras are perfect for tops that make it hard to wear regular bras.

I wanted to personally get in touch with you guys and let you know how amazing your bra line is – I am IN LOVE with NuBra. I now have a total of 4 bras and could not be happier with my collection. I have gotten so many complements from friends on how seamless they look and I am happy to recommend your brand to everyone. Your bras are perfect for tops that make it hard to wear regular bras. Thank you so much for making me feel like a powerful and beautiful woman when I am wearing NuBra. THANKS AGAIN! Keep up the outstanding work – you guys are a life saver! :)


A genius product

Holds everything in place, creates nice cleavage, pulls the bust in from the sides, and makes my C and D cup ladies look slimmer!

I am having the best luck with my C and D cup ladies that never thought they could wear a backless gown. Not only does the NuBra hold them in place and create that nice cleavage, but it pulls the bust in from the sides creating a longer side line that elongates their waist and makes them look slimmer. Now, that’s a genius product!

Hanna H.

It's all I wear now

It's a breeze to wear because of its design.

I am in my late fifties. I find them to be very comfortable and easy to wear…A regular bra restricts my breathing and the NuBra is a breeze to wear because of its design. It's all I wear now - no more expensive bras that are restricting and way over priced.

Lynne W.
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