Applying NuBra is As Easy As 1 • 2 • 3

Step 1

Important: Clean Your Skin

Gently clean your chest with mild soap and water to remove body oil or residue from your skin.

Dry your skin with a soft towel, and apply your NuBra.

Step 2

Place One Side at a Time

In front of a mirror, take one bra cup carefully by the edges and set it to the desired position on your breast. It's best to place the cup on the side of your breast with the clasp pointing toward your belly button.

Smooth the edges of the cup onto your breast, leaving 2 to 3 fingerwidths from the bottom.

Repeat the application with the other bra cup.

Step 3

Connect the Front Clasp

Slide the end of the right-side clasp into the left-side and snap into the locked position.

With both hands on the bra cups, press firmly for a few seconds for a secure hold.

Enjoy the comfort and freedom of NuBra!

How To Position Your NuBra

NuBra - Open

Open: Apply cup to each breast with the clips pointing downward toward your belly button.

NuBra - Closed

Closed: Clip together in the middle.

TIP: To create more oomph!, place the cups further away from each other, so you get ultimate cleavage when the clasp is closed.



You can go as low-cut as you want using Nu Lift® or Nu Halter® Straps with almost any adhesive NuBra.

First, swap the cups. The cup marked “R” will go on your left breast, and vice versa.

Rotate each NuBra cup so it’s positioned as a teardrop, with each clip at the top.

Attach the Nu Lift or Nu Halter Straps to the cups by inserting the smaller part of the clip into the larger part, at a 90-degree angle.

Then straighten the clip, locking it into position.


We’ve been hand-making our products in California since 2002 with the highest quality materials, including medical-grade adhesive. That's why NuBra is the backless, strapless adhesive bra that’s most trusted by celebrity stylists like Jen Rade.


NuBra has a number of solutions for larger-chested women. Our Clear Lift NuBra allows you to add straps for better lift and support — perfect for C, D and larger.


Just like a regular bra, the better you take care of it, the longer it'll last. We recommend that you wash your NuBra using only mild soap and water (or Nu Wash) after each wear, to remove any body oil or residue that may clog the surface of the adhesive.

It's easy to keep your NuBra clean, plus with proper care, your NuBra can last up to 100 wears! We'll show you how.


Our philosophy is simple: make a bra that offers support, comfort and freedom — eliminating everything uncomfortable and unflattering like lumps, bumps and bulges. NuBra helps you eliminate deep ravines in shoulders, guaranteeing shoulder comfort too!

Free yourself of bumps and bulges


Nu Clips provide extra width, comfort and versatility for band sizes 36 and up. The clear plastic clips are designed to be ‘daisy-chained’ with your existing NuBra® front center clips, and can be added or removed to provide more or less cleavage.

Attach the Nu Clips to the NuBra® clips as if you were connecting the two halves of the NuBra (you can link as many as you need), then simply connect it to the other cup.


Only NuBra offers bright, vibrant colors, striped and satin textures, and fun prints that add a little pop — and can actually become part of your outfit.

Style to spare


Try any of our NuBra Silicone products (with or without adhesive) for added, natural-feeling curves and contours — in seconds.


Wearing Suggestions

Try This on for Size...

It is important that the bra cups are not positioned too low on your breasts — this way, when the two sides are pulled together to clip in the middle, the bra cups actually lift the breasts and provide some support.

Since our bras are completely strapless, they are only able to provide support to a certain degree.

Go Big, Go Bold!

Want a fuller look? Position the bra cups higher on your breasts before connecting the front clasp.

NuBra is designed to blend with your curves — it’s perfectly okay if each bra cup doesn’t cover your entire breast.

If At First You Don’t Succeed...

The position of the cup matters most. If you don't get the look you want, gently peel off the cups and try again. Just be careful! Too many attempts reduces the strength of the adhesive. If this occurs, simply wash and air-dry the bra cups before reapplying.

Removing Your NuBra

Detach the front clasp by turning the two parts inward — toward each other.

Carefully, slide the end of one clip out of the other.

Gently peel off the bra — starting at the top and gradually pulling down.

Clean After Using

If any adhesive residue remains, simply remove by wiping the skin with a soft tissue.

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