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Q: What is NuBra®?
A: NuBra® is a self-adhesive, strapless, backless, and reusable bra with washable, medical-grade silicone adhesive. This product does not contain latex.

Q: What are the benefits of NuBra®?
A: NuBra® allows you to create your ultimate cleavage in addition to providing coverage and support to your breasts without the binding straps found on traditional bras. NuBra® is great for strapless, backless, sheer, and halter dresses.

Q: Is the adhesive safe?
A: The adhesive on NuBra® is U.S. FDA approved medical-grade adhesive that has been tested and certified to be skin-irritation free by independent labs in the U.S., Japan, and Europe.

Q: Is NuBra® waterproof?
A: Only the Original NuBra®, NuBra® 3D, NuBra® Beach, and NuBra® Beach 2 are waterproof. This means that the product will not soak up water and the structure that holds the silicone gel is not compromised when immersed in water. This characteristic should NOT be interpreted as that the product will stay on the skin for an extended period of time while or after the product is immersed in water. The adhesive quality will degrade severely if the adhesive surface is in contact with foreign objects such as sand, lint, oil, lotion, etc…

Q: How do I determine the correct NuBra® size for me?
A: Breasts come in all sizes and shapes. It is difficult to determine exactly what size to wear. However, NuBra® is not intended for full coverage, so in most cases, it is recommended that you select the correct size of NuBra® based on your current breast cup size without
any padding.

If you are between sizes, then it is recommended that you choose a smaller size, because the adhesive surface needs to be in full contact with your breast skin in order to function properly.

Q: How do I clean NuBra®?
A: It is recommended that you wash the adhesive surface of your NuBra® with NuBra® Adhesive Cleanser after every use. If NuBra® Adhesive Cleanser is not available, use warm water with mild soap that contains no lotion, moisturizer, perfume, oil, etc., and wash the adhesive using the palm of your hand. Do not use your finger nails or any abrasive material to clean, because they will create permanent damage to the adhesive. Rinse with warm water, and shake off the excess water before hanging them to air dry.
Store the dried, clean NuBra® in its original clear travel case to protect them from foreign objects such as lint and dust.

Q: How many wears can I get out of each NuBra®?
A: The service life of the adhesive depends on the individual’s skin type, the preparation before wearing NuBra®, the environment, and how well the adhesive is maintained.

Q: Is replacement adhesive available?
A: All of the NuBra® cups already contain adhesive. Unfortunately, replacement adhesive is
not available.

Q: What are the differences between the various NuBra® styles?
A: Please see the product features summary chart below.

Q. Why can’t I find the NuBra® UltraLite® on, and where can I purchase it?
A. The NuBra® UltraLite® is an authorized product by Bragel International, Inc. and has no foam padding. The NuBra® Ultralite® is a product made in China and can be found under Fashion Form’s packaging. This style is exclusively made for department stores such as: JC Penney, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, and Lord & Taylor.