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Welcome to, the official online store for NuBra®, established in 2002. Only here can you find the entire selection of NuBra® styles, fashion bras, Gel Bras, enhancers, shapewear, panties, and NuBra® accessories. Call us 1(909)598-8808 or email us at for any product inquiries.

About NuBra®:
NuBra® is a strapless, backless adhesive bra — with medical-grade, self-adhesive silicone or fabric bra cups proudly made in the USA. NuBra® compliments any backless, strapless, halter, or sheer outfit, giving you the cleavage control and enhancement you need with its patented center clasp. NuBra® is worn by many celebrities and is carried in major department stores, as well as fine lingerie and retail shops around the world. If you are interested in carrying NuBra® in your store email us at

The inspiration for NuBra® came from a Bragel International, Inc. (BII) founder realizing that women who are not satisfied with their own breasts and desire larger, more shapely breasts can only select between two alternatives for breast augmentation: (1) wearing external padding such as foam or the like, and (2) through surgical breast implants. Both options may be either too costly, risky or result in an unnatural look. So BII created the Original Silicone NuBra®, providing women with a more affordable and natural option for breast enhancement.